Maria Bello

Maria Bello is one of those second tier actors I love to catch. She seems down to earth and plays a good shrew or first wife. (In The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor she was saddled with replacing much loved Rachel Weisz in a poorly done sequel.)

Overall a good actor with some remarkable performances, such as her acting in The Cooler.

Maria Bello Forget

Maria Bello Forgive Towelhead
"Forgive Towelhead"

Maria Bello Healing Sisters
'Healing Sisters"

Maria Bello Hurts

Maria Bello We Fun
"We Fun"

Pierce Brosnan is up to no good with Maria Bello in Butterfly on a Wheel which was later renamed Shattered.

What is with the lighting in movies nowadays. Downloading Nancy seems to be bathed in some sort of Industrial green.

Maria Bello, William H Macy and downtown Las Vegas star in The Cooler.

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