Before I Hang... Stem Cell research gone wrong

Before I Hang: 3 out of 10: Boris Karloff stars as Dr. Kevorkian in this expose of stem cell research gone wrong.

before i hang e

Okay maybe that is not completely accurate but one might certainly think along those lines as a doctor found guilty of a mercy killing is sentenced to hang despite his promising youth serum.

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Karloff quickly finds himself in a prison experimenting with the blood of a recently hanged killer the clock ticking against his own execution. He injects himself with the serum it works the governor pardons him and he goes off to save the world. Actually that is not completely accurate as well. Apparently the blood came from the prisoner "Abby Normal" and Karloff starts getting that look in his eyes and his over-sized handkerchief out of his pocket and the population of the movie starts dropping precipitously.

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The movie is poorly directed and despite some initially good albeit rushed ideas it quickly falls into the old blood memory turns man into killer nonsense. The pacing is bizarre. There is a ton of plot simply explained through voice-over (the hanging verdict in particular seems unlikely as shown) in the first half; while the second half, with Karloff stalking the elderly, drags.

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Tis is a weak film that starts of strong and quickly goes nowhere.

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Or you can see for yourself.

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  1. This movie is a good classic. It speaks about Stem Cell Research even in the 1930's. Good research material. Boris Karloff was a scientist.


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