Jennifer Aniston


Jennifer Aniston is an American actress best known for her role as Tory Reding in the 1993 classic film Leprechaun. She also appeared in Office Space, a bunch of movies I have not seen and have no interest in seeing (a few of which such as Rock Star are featured below.), that horrific cinematic abortion Along Came Polly, and a TV series on NBC about a bunch of friends whose name escapes me right now.

After then husband Brad Pitt went to what can only be described as 'The Dark Side' (Pitt is currently sporting a beard that makes him look like an al-Qaida holiday elf), Jennifer followed the trend of many 40 something female Hollywood celebrities (I'm looking your way Sandra Bullock) by dating an ever growing group of assholes and losers, each one seemingly worse than the last.

Unlike many of her female contemporaries however she seems to become more attractive every year. At this rate by 2020 she will be the hottest woman on the planet and be dating Glen Beck.

Jennifer Aniston Chieftains
"Jennifer Aniston Footprints Bikini"

Jennifer Aniston FUT2
"Jennifer Aniston Dao Cleavage

Along Came Polly G
Look at that the Riskmaster 3000; oh dear the wit bleeds from my eyes. Even Along Came Polly's promotional materials were weighted down with fail.

Jennifer Aniston Interest Group Liberalism
"Jennifer Aniston Margarita"

Jennifer Aniston Winona Daily News
"Jennifer Aniston Grayson"

Jennifer Anniston doing gets groped in Management

Marley and Me asks the question is a blizzard good luck for a wedding or bad.

Jennifer Anniston and Owen Wilson go skinny dipping in Marley and Me

Jennifer Aniston with a nice piece of silent acting (and a nice outfit) in She's the One.

Jennifer Aniston Dirty Dancing in Along Came Polly.

Jennifer Aniston looking very sexy in red shorts in Along Came Polly

Jennifer Aniston faces the morning after an orgy in Rock Star.

Jennifer Aniston and Dagmara Dominczyk make out on the dance floor in Rock Star

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