Alice in Acidland... Battle In The Center Of The Mind

alice in acidland a

Alice in Acidland: 2 out of 10: Filmed with only narration and a jazzsoundtrack that sounds like a lot of bad smack was involved Alice inAcidland is your Daddy's porn.
Thereis no acid per see in the first two thirds of Alice in fact the girlsbecome lesbian potheads with a few drinks of rum. This is an old blackand white bump and grind shoot. It contains a fairly unattractive cast,pretentious narration, missing characters let alone scenes, mindnumbingly boring sex and a plot out of a C-grade Quincy episode.

Myfavorite scene an unnamed girl in a group shot looks directly into thecamera with a true deer in headlight stare gets her direction shoutedat her does something for thirty seconds then forgets and stares at thecamera again.

Ofcourse, 1968 was a long time ago and this was a one-off for most of thecast. So sit back and ask yourself one question. "Honey, that secondlesbian isn't that Mrs. Peterson from our church is it?"

Bizarre Highlights from film (Otherwise known as the entire movie sans nudity in 10 minutes)

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