Krista Allen

Krista Allen has appeared in everything from the TV series Charmed to the latest Final Destination movie (In 3d no less). She is a decent actress and has some fine um assets.

She dated George Clooney for two years, She starred in 8 separate Emmanuel movies in one year. So why was she in such cheese as Silent Venom???? And why is she keeping her shirt on???? No explanation is forthcoming. In the meantime, let us enjoy a blast from the past.

Krista Allen 801 in the shower
"801 in the shower"

Silent Venom A
"Krista Allen meets with some Hollywood agents"

Krista Allen Auge

feast b
"Which is scarier in a bar? Hot Chick with shotgun or Judah Friedlander?"

feast c
"Hooters waitress goes wild"

Silent Venom D
"Krista Allen... acting"

feast e
"If you stop staring at her breasts for a minute you may notice the blood"

Krista Allen Extreme Sexy
"Extreme Sexy"

Silent Venom F
"Coral Snake Necklace"

Krista Allen Gonneville
"Gonneville Crown"

Krista Allen Jockeys

Krista Allen List
"List of attributes"

Krista Allen McGowan
"McGowan Seventies"

Krista Allen Trémoulet
"Trémoulet Sex"

Krista Allen as the Oracle in Charmed

More Oracle action

I like the way Krista rubs herself when describing female vulnerability

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