Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore has awful taste in men with one notable exception... David Letterman.

I have always hoped those kids would have hooked up. I truly believe it would have been the best for both of them.

Okay considering recent events maybe Dave wasn't the best choice either.

charlies angels a
"Kung-Fu Grip Drew"

charlies angels b
"Drew on Beach with Charlie's Angels co-stars Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu"

charlies angels d
"Charlie's Angels Posers"

Drew Barrymore George

Drew Barrymore Hilbert
"Hilbert Sexy Black Bra and Tramp Stamps"

Drew Barrymore Hochleithen Red Carpet Lucky You
"Hochleithen Red Carpet Lucky You"

Drew Barrymore Jean
"Jean Large Cleavage at Sunset"

Drew Barrymore Pierre

Drew Barrymore wishes David Letterman a happy birthday.

Drew Barrymore in Bad Girls shows how to do cleavage right.

Natural, young and attractive Drew Barrymore shines in a black bra and matching panties in Far From Home

Okay maybe it was a black bathing suit

Drew swimming scene in Far From Home continued notice the Eighties style of three Swatch watches.

Drew Barrymore is no Elaine when she shows her sexy dance in Doppelganger.

Drew Barrymore, A strippers wedding dress, a funeral and a cripple: What could possibly go wrong?

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