Bubblegum Crisis...Boomer Baby

Bubblegum Crisis (Baburugamu kuraishisu): 7 out of 10: Hot chicks, giant robots, and evil corporations fill every frame of Bubblegum Crisis as does some surprisingly catchy Eighties tunes.

Bubblegum Crisis a

Bubblegum Crisis, like Akira or Macross, is one of those Anime that separate the thirty something Anime fan from this year's crop of snot nosed punk kids. When you think Japanese cartoons, do you think Pokémon or shower scenes. Do you think irritating children or kick ass adults. Do your favorite plots involve the little kids defeating the big evil corporation or adults facing economic hardship and self-sacrifice. Bubblegum crisis is an Anime for the thirty something.

Bubblegum Crisis Cleavage

As I settle into my damn kid’s today voice and distaste for every exaggerated, rapid cut seizure inducing, saccharine piece of crap that passes for entertainment these days. (I am looking your way Cartoon Network). I can sit back and watch full-grown woman destroy some boomers (as well as half of Tokyo) and reminisce about my childhood when cartoon characters swore and a gratuitous nude scene followed every battle.

Bubblegum Crisis City

Is Bubblegum Crisis as good as I remember it? No. The episodes do not flow into each other well and vary in quality. Some of the dubbing is dubious and the live action music videos contained in the extras are simply painful (In a OMG what cheese kind of way).

Bubblegum Crisis Chick and Blinds

Bubblegum Crisis allows me to both relieve my childhood and look down upon kids today. What more could I ask for my entertainment dollar.

Bubblegum Crisis Skyscraper Explosion

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