Amelie... Is Amelie French for Overrated

Amelie: (Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain): 6 out of 10: Sweet,light and sometimes a little irritating; this strangely adult fablestarts out very strong and sinks under the weight of it's too cute forwords protagonist and her self made predicament. Amelie is a strangebird indeed. She seems initially one of those wonderfully originalcreations but as time in the movie marches on it becomes obvious. Sheis a twelve-year-old girl in a woman's body.

Yup she has sillycrushes plays silly pranks and a vivid imagination. In fact one couldvery much see her being played by a twelve year old. This would workperfectly if the movie wasn't so jarringly adult in other ways.(Amelie's quest works in a porn shop, people having hook-up sex in adaytime café)

It is more of a tone issue than any objection toadult content. (As a glance at most of my other reviews will testify.)Also like most twelve-year olds Amelie pulls pranks and games a littletoo long. (After the 2-hour mark or so I was practically screaming atthe screen to get on with it)

Now don't get me wrong the firsthour or so is one of the most delightful screen experiences. I lovedthe traveling gnome (which started a fad that lives on today) and likedthe obsessive tape recording man in café.

It also shows a truefantasy version of Paris like You've Got Mail's version of New York. Infact when Amelie is helping others rather than on her own quest themovie seems to move briskly and with purpose.

It is only in her pursuit of love that Amelie fails as both a person and a movie. Just like most twelve-year-old girls.

Amelie Chroboty Audrey Tautou
"Audrey Tautou as the Tick"

Amelie Duff Point Audrey Tautou
Amelie Duff Point Audrey Tautou"

Amelie Renewing Communist Ecological Left Audrey Tautou
"Amelie Renewing Communist Ecological Left Audrey Tautou"

Amelie The Car Lot Baggers
"Amelie The Car Lot Baggers"

Amelie Vinan Nair Audrey Tautou
"Amelie Vinan Nair Audrey Tautou"

First bit of the film

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