13 Ghosts (Thir13en Ghosts) (2001): 4 out of 10: Fantastic set design and creative character (ghost) make-up effects cannot save this overloud, over edited mess.

The cast ranges from the where is my paycheck crowd (F. Murray Abraham and Tony Shalhoub), disappointedly clothed (Shannon Elizabeth about 10 years too old to play a virginal teenager and cute Embeth Davidtz), and remarkably irritating (Alec Roberts playing a little boy you wish would just die. Matthew Lillard in his the most irritating role ever and that's saying something). In addition, female rapper Rah Digger channeling every offensive black maid stereotype and inventing a few new ones.

Come to think of it a black maid is so 1960's anyone who is anyone has a European au pair.

Yes the good old black maid stereotype, Digger is apparently channeling Beulah from Party at Horror Beach. She exclaims she ain't washing no windows (It's an all glass house) and for you film historians out there she doesn't birth no babies either.

The rest of the comic relief is at about the same level. With Lillard practically imploding on his performance in a mad dog style that has to be seen to be believed and underutilized Davidtz stuck with the laughable task of playing an environmentalist ghost protector.

On the plus side the ghosts are very well done however they don't have nearly enough screen time and look a bit like the cast of Hellraiser is moonlighting. The set design with a giant glass house with beautiful Latin writings on the walls is where the movie shines.

I guess in a haunted house movie the ghosts and house are the real stars. It's simply a shame they had to include the plot and characters. Truth be told it would have been a better movie without them.

Thir13en Ghosts Trailer

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