The Cavern.... Bad Cave


The Cavern (Within) : 2 out of 10: Blair Witch meets The Cave and gives me a headache.

I have something to ask all film schools, could you please teach future directors how to hold a camera steady. Flailing the camera around like Aunt Betty with 12 drinks is headache inducing.

In addition, film is primarily a visual medium directors may want to point their camera's in the general direction of the action. Film also requires light to work. Perhaps a light source should be employed so one can see the action on the screen. I know it is a cave movie but there is absolutely nothing frightening about watching pitch blackness for minutes at a time.

For that matter showing the film upside down doesn't indicate confusion on screen; it indicates confusion in the editing booth.

A last note to the director. I am sure there was a good reason to have a horribly fake CGI campfire. Honestly I, for the life of me, cannot think of one.

Now on to the screenwriter, could you try to make at least one character likable? I would prefer two or more but one decent person I can root for or care about might help. In addition, if you are going to have flashbacks make them relevant to the story.

If you are going to have a surprise ending it is probably best if it doesn't contradict every single thing that comes before it. In addition, try adding some fancy spelunking terms to a cave movie. You might have wanted to start with spelunking.

The Cavern is a bad film, poorly shot with a confusing, improbable and anticlimactic ending.

The Cavern Sybil Temtchine

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