AD Police Files 1-3... Two out of three ain't bad

AD Police Files 1-3 (1990): 8 out of 10: Despite a third episode, thatis almost a scene for scene remake of Robocop; this is one of thesharpest Anime around.

ad police files 1990 a

Sexistand racist in that unconscious Japanese way with over the top violenceand just a dash of nudity AD Police does not fail to entertain. Thefirst two tales are gripping and inventive if a little hard to follow(Character development is minimalist at best) with great moral arksabout the downfall of artificial parts and artificial people.

ad police files 1990 b

Thethird episode is a letdown and quite skippable. Tons of action keeps ADPolice moving even when the story seems to stall. The plots of thefirst two episodes are also filled with surprise, and thatalways-delightful "I always wished someone would do that" feeling.

ad police files 1990 c

Theanimation is very well done, with different styles mixing it up togreat effect. At only three episodes, however it left me wanting more.That is usually a good sign.

AD Police Files A

The Trailer

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