The Abductors... Ginger shakes her maracas

The Abductors: 8 out of 10: Let us face it, some bad movies age better than others. From the wonderfully horrible fashion and hair worn by the leads; to decor including shag carpets (that they actually shag on) and chintzy coconuts holding push-pins (in the bank presidents office no less); the Abductors is simply filled with seventies kitsch.

The Abductors also has an attitude towards woman so politically incorrect they would burn down the theater today. (Great film to show during a Take Back the Night meeting, just make sure you park away from the ensuing riot.) The Abductors is a bit like a feminist raison de ere.

Like any good exploitation film, there is a ton of nubile flesh on display. The Ginger films add bondage, rape and generally cruelty that separates it from the cheerleader and nurse pictures that were its competition at the seventies drive-in. In addition, the girls are silicone free, with tan lines to boot, which I admit I find more appealing than the cookie cutter Playboy models of today's exploitation.

Downsides include remarkably incompetent gunfights (the prop guns do not fire on cue) and the state police (who look Canadian for some reason) are out of a thirties gangster movie (Complete with a Tommy gun that smokes like a Cheech and Chong extra.) The Abductors also suffers from very strange pacing, including a very gratuitous drum solo and maraca-shaking scene; no really, Ginger brought her own maracas to the disco. As a lead actor, Cheri Caffro looks like a hooker a few years past her prime, complete with pancake make-up. The other lead actor Jennifer Brooks (Laurie Rose) is so hopelessly nubile, Caffro looks like her mom.

Great flick to watch while the significant other is out of the house, heck preferably safely out of town. The Ginger films, like that other exploitation classic I Spit on Your Grave, is a viewing pleasure best kept close to the vest.

And yes here is Ginger shaking her Maracas... (safe for work and children though honestly why expose innocent kids to seventies fashions.)

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