Anne Caillon

Anne Caillon was in a gay French Parody of Buffy the Vampire Slayer called Poltergay that needs to be seen; it contains, hip-hop Klansman, bats shaped like penises and 70's fashion.

Anne Caillon is best known in America for her brief role in Basic Instinct 2 (Which was less brief before large chunks of her role being edited out of the film or as my French to English translated page says “Cut for Installation”.)

She is a cutie and seems talented to boot. Definitely someone America should look to import.

Anne Caillon Ellery Basic Instinct 2

Anne Caillon Garden
"Garden Red"

Anne Caillon Hydrophis
"Hydrophis Blue"

Anne Caillon Secret Basic Instinct 2
"Secret Instinct"

Anne Caillon White
"White Stare"

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