Crystal Allen


Crystal Allen once appeared on a Star Trek Video Game (as a blond Uhura) and on the show Enterprise (as something green). That’s all you need to know. Like any other actress who has appeared on anything related to Star Trek she has dozens of sites dedicated to her. She is attractive and talented in her own right of course.

She should not be mixed up with her phonetic twin Krista Allen, who also battled digital snakes and did Star Trek cameos in green.

Anacondas 4 Trail of Blood A
"The third or fourth time I saw this poster I noticed there was a snake in the picture"

Crystyal Allen Casco
"Crystal Allen The House on Lily Street"

Crystyal Allen Corkickle
"Crystal Allen Shikshapatri"

Anacondas 4 Trail of Blood H
"Is there a digital snake in this scene I forget"

Crystal Allen Pradeep de Silva
"Crystal Allen Monetary Circuit Theory"

Crystyal Allen Railway
"Crystal Allen UMTS Networks"

Crystal Allen Spear
"Crystal Allen Cupet"

Crystal Allen Station
"Crystal Allen Kerheb"

Crystal Allen Demo Reel

Online movie Revenge starring Crystal Allen Part 1

Online movie Revenge starring Crystal Allen Part 2

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