Patricia Clarkson


Patricia Clarkson is a great actor.

Recently, however, she comes across as too old for the part she is playing.

In Good Night and Good Luck she certainly doesn't look the part of a secret newlywed and she seemed miscast in All the Kings Men as well though honestly she was the only one who got the accent right and that entire film was one big miscasting train wreck.

The best acting I have ever seen from her was ironically in her "worst" film Wendigo She is great... the monster dressed in a deer suit not so much.

Patricia Clarkson American
"American Express"

Patricia Clarkson Punto Elegy
"Punto Light"

Patricia Clarkson Raya

Patricia Clarkson Theatre
Theater Hat"

Patricia Clarkson appears at the beginning of this video then it is more Scarlett Johanson then it morphs into Scarlett Johanson kissing Penelope Cruz all from Vicky Cristina Barcelona.

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