Janet Agren


Janet Agren is a personal favorite from a pure visual point of view. Though she has all the charisma of a tree stump,it is just something about Swedish Models that sets the ticker a flutter. She is best known for her role in Eaten Alive as well as a bit part in 1985's Red Sonja.

Janet Argen Cruachan
"Something about this model shoot screams the nineteen seventies"

Eaten Alive F
"Discount Cruises are never worth it"

But don't go in"

Janet Agren Ritz Newspaper Bikini
"The Sonic the Hedgehog Bikini Collection"

Janet Argen Soccer Goalie 408
"Now that is a Soccer Mom"

Janet Argen TerriRae

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  1. Hi! "L'amaro caso della baronessa di Carini" is a tv-serie which made Janet very popular in Italy. Year was 1975. This tv-serie is my favourite tv-serie ever! I was a eight years old kid when I saw this serie first time. It happened 19th of may 1979...


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