Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell is best known for her breakout role in the television series Veronica Mars. A favorite of the ComicCon set she is often named as the successor to Sarah Michelle Gellar. She is also a critics darling often noted for her standout performance in films such as Fanboys as well as her work on the TV series Heroes.

Kristen Bell Basca Fanboys

Kristen Bell Birilyant Fanboys
"Birilyant Hook"

Kristen Bell Calaspia Boba Fett Fanboys
"Calaspia Boba Fett"

Kristen Bell California Fanboys
"California Blue Period"

Kristen Bell Conspiracy Fanboys
"Conspiracy Death Shirt"

Kristen Bell Dorothy Fanboys
"Dorothy Above"

Kristen Bell Exiliboa Fanboys
"Exiliboa Suicide"

Kristen Bell Fainberg Fanboys
"Fainberg Suicide"

Kristen Bell Gibbons Fanboys
"Gibbons in Bed"

Kristen Bell Good Fanboys
"Good Fangirl"

Kristen Bell Insurance Fanboys
"Insurance Dark"

Kristen Bell Japanese Fanboys
"Japanese Casino"

Kristen Bell Liege Fanboys
"Liege Pirate"

Kristen Bell Lord Fanboys
"Lord... Good Lord"

Kristen Bell Ludwig Fanboys

Kristen Bell Magazine Fanboys
"Magazine Princess Leia Metal Bikini"

Kristen Bell Major Fanboys
"Major Comics"

Kristen Bell Medical Fanboys

Kristen Bell Mica Fanboys

Kristen Bell Neres Fanboys
"Neres Green Period"

Kristen Bell Program Fanboys
"Program Interrupted"

Kristen Bell Right Fanboys
"Right and Tight"

Kristen Bell Risk Fanboys
"Risk Love"

Kristen Bell River Fanboys

Kristen Bell Ryan Fanboys

Kristen Bell Swami
"Swami Lotus Cleavage"

Kristen Bell  Tickfaw Fanboys

Kristen Bell WNC Fanboys

Kristen Bell gives "The Speech"in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. You know the one where she kindly explains everything that is wrong with you.

Kristen Bell apparently dropped some acid before taking a leisurely bath in Pulse. As an aside who lights their bathroom with an industrial green florescent light.

Brief video of Kristen Bell putting the wonder in Wonderbra from Pulse.

No one will be seated during the shirt has a stain scene from Pulse.

You know I am not saying there is a double standard in Hollywood but one sex in this scene seems particularity younger and in better shape than another sex in this scene.

I believe this yoga move is called the wife cheat. And yes Kristen Bell is quite flexible.

Kristen Bell in a wet hot pink bikini in Couples Retreat.

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