Jessica Alba... even the laws of physics want to see her naked.


Jessica Alba what can I say.... She is like Jessica Rabbit but real. She has appeared in numerous films including Awake, Sin City,Entourage,Fantastic Four,Good Luck Chuck,The Love Guru,Into the Blue,Paranoid, and The Eye all of which are featured below. Her scenes tend to involve a lot of showering and bathing but always carefully concealed to avoid nudity.

She has both a cute accessible beauty as well as a knockout beauty. Combine this with a pleasant sunny disposition and she simply is one of the most appealng stars in Hiollywood today,

Jessica Alba Brandon
"Brandon Blue Beach"

"Fantastic Four Very Visible Woman

Jessica Alba Firs Bikini
"Firs Bikini"

Jessica Alba Ikast

Jessica Alba Judd
"Judd not Starfish"

Jessica Alba Rogers
"Rogers Shields Brook Seventies Shades"

Jessica Alba Gama Rear view Good Luck Chuck

Video Highlights (push play button on white bar to make video appear)

Jessica Alba in Awake clothed in the bathtub then topless shaving her man.

Jessica Alba in Awake sex in a black bra

Jessica Alba and Brittany Murphy in Sin City Bar scene

Jessica Alba and Brittany Murphy in the second Sin City Bar scene with Jessica's Dance performance

Jessica Alba gets pitched in Entourage

Jessica Alba gets caught in the bathroom and turns invisible in Fantastic Four

Invisible Woman strips in the street

Jessica Alba loses her skirt in Good Luck Chuck

Jessica Alba seduces her man in Good Luck Chuck

Jessica Alba does Bollywood in The Love Guru

Jessica Alba does Bollywood in The Love Guru Part Duex

Jessica Alba in bed with Mike Meyers in The Love Guru

Jessica Alba brushes her teeth in blue panties in Into the Blue

Jessica Alba and Ashley Scott chat around the pool in Into the Blue

Swimming with the sharks and other things in Into the Blue

Jessica Alba undressing and taking a bath (but alas not in the same scene) in Paranoid

Jessica Alba in the bath once again in Paranoid (she must play a very dirty girl)

Jessica Alba all tied up in Sin City.

Jessica Alba taking a shower (as an actress she does see to be very clean) in The Eye.

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