Gina Gershon.... America's daikon

From Showgirls to Bound, Gina Gershon makes unwatchable films a little more watchable.

Gina Gershon Spencer
"Gina Gershon Spencer"

Gina Gershon Seneschal
"Gina Gershon Seneschal"

Gina Gershon Ireland
"Gina Gershon Ireland"

Gina Gershon, in a rare clothed role, looking worse than usual walking down the street with Hillary Swank who honestly looks a little better than usual all in the horrible titled film "P.S. I Love You" which is surely about vampire invasions or a plague or something.

Now this is the Gina Gershon we all now and love... cue the Maneater music.

Ah the 1980's when supermodels tilled the soil before those hard working Mexicans invaded our borders and stole their jobs forcing them to move to Vegas and star in badly disguised porn films.

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