Kata Dobo

Kata Dobo is a sexy Eastern European redhead who likes small animals and preventing breast cancer.

She has appeared in that horrible Rollerball remake, that horrible sequel Basic Instinct 2, and the horrible werewolf movie Blood and Chocolate... I think I see a theme developing here.

She also appeared in an Steven Seagal film (Out for a Kill) and a Dolph Lundgren film (Detention) both in 2003... yup definitely a theme developing here.

She also has a kick ass website located here

Many actors could learn to make their own websites as impressive and user friendly.

Kata Dobo Antigua
"Kata Dobo Antigua"

Kata Dobo List
"Kata Dobo List"

Kata Dobo Phalanx
"Kata Dobo Phalanx"

Kata Dobo Stephen
"Kata Dobo Stephen"

Kata Dobo and Judit Schell play in their underwear and speak in foreign tongues in Just Sex and Nothing Else

Kata Dobo and Judit Schell play in their bikinis and hang around a pool or a fountain or a pountain perhaps. Damn foriegners with thier multi-use sctructures.

More pool/fountain action from Just Sex and Nothing Else

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