Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz was a model with no acting experience when she landed the co-starring role in the surprise Jim Carrey hit The Mask. She was spectacular holding her own against Carrey's rubber face and a cute dog. She played it smart by taking a few roles in smaller independent films to hone her craft before returning to Hollywood three years later in My Best Friend's Wedding before exploding in the titular role in There's Something About Mary for which she was nominated for a Golden Globe and won the New York Film Critics Circle Award for best actress.

Though she rarely is mentioned when the conversation trends to talented actresses she has actually received four Golden Globe nominations (Mary, Gangs of New York, Being John Malkovich and Vanilla Sky). Outside of these award nominated performances she has also starred in hits such as Shrek and Charlies Angels.

She had a rough 2009 with My Sisters Keeper and The Box neither of which connected well with either audiences or critics. 2010 looks a little brighter with another Shrek Movie and the Green Hornet on the slate.

And while some claim she is suffering from to much sun in her youth I still think she looks very good in her bikini.

Cameron Diaz A Folk Tale Panties
"Cameron Diaz A Folk Tale Panties" I don't know how to put this exactly but those panties kinda worry me.

Cameron Diaz All the King's Horses Swimsuit
"Cameron Diaz All the King's Horses Swimsuit"

Cameron Diaz Ctenochasmatoidea
"Cameron Diaz Ctenochasmatoidea"

Cameron Diaz Das Rheingold
"Cameron Diaz Das Rheingold"

Cameron Diaz Dean Metalman V Bikini
"Cameron Diaz Dean Metalman V Bikini"

Cameron Diaz Harlem Gospel Choir
"Cameron Diaz Harlem Gospel Choir"

Cameron Diaz Health Forecasting Cleavage
"Cameron Diaz Health Forecasting Cleavage"

Cameron Diaz Izabelin
"Cameron Diaz Izabelin"

Cameron Diaz Jazak Monastery
"Cameron Diaz Jazak Monastery"

Cameron Diaz Minister of Environment
"Cameron Diaz Minister of Environment"

Cameron Diaz Mitsubishi Ki-202 Thumbs Up
"Cameron Diaz Mitsubishi Ki-202 Thumbs Up"

Cameron Diaz Palaiyakkarar Pool
"Cameron Diaz Palaiyakkarar Pool"

Cameron Diaz Uniformitarianism
"Cameron Diaz Uniformitarianism"

Cameron Diaz Plays William Tell in a sexy black one-piece in A Life Less Ordinary and hits the apple.

Cameron Diaz Plays William Tell in a sexy black one-piece in A Life Less Ordinary and misses the apple.

Cameron Diaz wakes up with a pretty wimpy British guy (Ewan McGregor I believe) that looks a little to much like her. (Kind of a brother and sister vibe.)

Stanley Tucci is one tough dentist in A Life Less Ordinary. (Cameron Diaz looks like a badly made up hooker in this scene.)

"Tight Little Package affirmative." (There's Something About Mary)

"Here Comes the Money Shot" (There's Something About Mary)

"Can I Feel you Bosoms before I go?" (There's Something About Mary)

Tom Cruise wakes up with a woman in his bed and calls the police in Vanilla Sky.

Cameron Diaz more than impresses in The Mask while Jim Carrey plays a slightly clumsy and downmarket version of Chrstian Bale's Patrick Bateman from American Psycho. (Or at least that was the vibe I got from it)

Jim Carrey goes all Tex Avery while Cameron Diaz converts thousands of men into true believers in The Mask

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