Dead Kennedys: The Early Years Live... There is always room for Jello

Dead Kennedys: The Early Years Live: 4 out of 10: Ah the classics...This very short video (30 minutes) is amateur video (from the look of things) of The Dead Kennedy’s tour in support of their first album. It also has a human-interest news report on lead singer Jello Biafra’s run for mayor of San Francisco.

The video quality is unsurprisingly awful. The sound quality however is even worse which makes this useless as a concert tape. Since the camera stays focused on Jello and the boys ,one does not even get a interesting look at the punk rock audience, which is often the best part of the show. Outside of a few clips of Jello vacuuming a sidewalk (don't ask) there is virtually nothing intelligible in the entire program. Which I guess is kind of punk in its own way after all.

Dead Kennedys The Early Years Live

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