Funny People... Smart Movie

Funny People: 8 out of 10: What is amazing about Funny people is considering its set-up and storyline it manages to deftly dodge a veritable minefield of bathos laid out before it. The story is about comedian, who is super rich after a string of really bad comedies (Adam Sandler playing himself), finds he has version of leukemia and well is going to die soon. Therefore, he reflects back on his life makes amends and chases the girl that got away with the help of new assistant, a thin Seth Rogen.

Yes, it is what we hipsters would call Narm city. Yet this Judd Aptow directed flick is so self aware of the pitfalls that it not just avoids them for the most part but in a true stand up comic style calls them out. This is at its heart a very smart and aware film. What could have been Terms of Endearment with dick jokes turns into an occasionally funny and somewhat touching film. It is also a very real film about real people and I am going to repeat myself here but it is truly smart.

The only real downside I see is that I really do not see myself watching this film again anytime soon. It is a great ride but it never reaches that next level. The movie consists of some very funny bits, but do not come aboard expecting belly laughs. In addition, while I found myself enjoying the laid back pace at 153 minutes there is no question this feels more like a directors cut than a tightly paced theatrical release.

Funny People Class Adam Sandler
"Funny People Adam Sandler does a lot of Stand-up in this film... He is pretty good."

Funny People Helmuth Adam Sandler Norm MacDonald Dave Attell
"Funny People Adam Sandler with Norm MacDonald and Dave Attell. You have got to include Dave Atell Baby"

Funny People Schwenn Seth Rogen Leslie Mann
"Funny People co-stars Seth Rogen and Leslie Mann enjoy the show."

Funny People Submarine Adam Sandler Paul Reiser
"Funny People Adam Sandler with Paul Reiser who gives the best cameo in the film hands down."

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