Embeth Davidtz

Embeth Davidtz is an American-born South African actress. And for starters what is with the expression American Born (insert foreign country here) actress. I just had the same phrase not a week ago with Beatrice Rosen (who is a talented American born French actress.)

Anywho Davidtz is best known to me as the all too cute ghost exterminator in 13 Ghosts. Her first American role (after a run of South African productions such as Mutator and that Afrikaner classic Nag van die 19de (Night of the 19th). After clearly becoming Boered (I know horrid pun) with Afrikaner cinema she went to the states where she appeared in Army of Darkness.

Since then she has played major roles in Schindler's List (as the Jewish Maid), Mathilda (as the teacher), and the villain in Bridget Jones's Diary

Embeth was and is certainly cute; while the pictures below do her some justice I do hope to gather different photos that do a better job showing her cute side.

Embeth Davidtz Agnihotri
"Embeth Davidtz Agnihotri"

Embeth Davidtz Euphorbia Serpyllifolia
"Embeth Davidtz Euphorbia Serpyllifolia on the toilet"

Embeth Davidtz Goulston Street Graffito
"Embeth Davidtz Goulston Street Graffito"

Embeth Davidtz Lightmoor Junction
"Embeth Davidtz Lightmoor Junction"

Embeth Davidtz Tardi Beg
"Embeth Davidtz Tardi Beg"

Embeth Davidtz Thurlaston
"Embeth Davidtz Thurlaston"

Embeth Davidtz in one of the best scenes from Schindler's List.

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