Deanna Durbin

Deanna Durbin is not dead. I know I wrote this about Ali MacGraw last week but this is even more of a surprise. She was born in 1921, at 15 she appeared opposite Judy Garland in Every Sunday. She became a huge star and her first feature-length film Three Smart Girls is wildly credited with saving Universal Studios from bankruptcy.

Her pictures adorned the walls of teenage fans across the world. In 1945 and 1947, Deanna Durbin was the top-salaried woman in the United States. Her fan club ranked as the world's largest during her active years. Her picture hangs in the Anne Frank house right where diarist Anne Frank herself hung it.

She retired in 1950 in a farmhouse outside Paris with her third husband and has stayed out of public life since.

Deanna Durbin BJR
"Deanna Durbin BJR"

Deanna Durbin Body Thetan
"Deanna Durbin Body Thetan"

Deanna Durbin Embrithopoda
"Deanna Durbin Embrithopoda"

Deanna Durbin Reaction Time
"Deanna Durbin Reaction Time"

Deanna Durbin Sanders Associates
"Deanna Durbin Sanders Associates"

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