Earth vs. the Spider... Love Triangle Interrupted by Superhero

Earth vs. The Spider (2001):3 out of 10: Earth vs. the Spider is a very slowly paced movie. How slowly you ask? It makes Larry Cohen (It's Alive, Q) look like a music video director on methamphetamine. It makes Mike Leigh (Secrets and Lies) look like Michael Bay (Armageddon).

earth vs the spider d

Director Scott Ziehl has a pretty good story idea to work with (What would happen if Spiderman took on the other spider attributes after his radioactive bite. You know extra legs, a thirst for human blood) and seems afraid to get to the obvious. Instead we have endless tangents about a cop that lost his nerve (Dan Ackroyd) and his alcoholic cheating wife (Theresa Russell).

earth vs the spider a

Not just is this like skipping the shark attacks in Jaws to show an affair between the marine biologist and Mrs. Brody. But both Ackroyd and Russell are simply awful in their respective roles.

Add in a surprising amount of community theater level supporting work and a boring love interest. And Earth vs. The Spider gives us nothing to hold our interest. (In true comic book geek tradition our hero gets nothing but a chaste kiss. Needless to say there is no nudity gratuitous or otherwise. Kind of a surprise from a made for Showtime horror film.)

earth vs the spider c

The movie, of course, has nothing to do with the pretty good monster movie from the fifties that share its name. And as a Spiderman parody Spiderbabe, a Misty Mundae soft-core porn film of all things, upstages it. The monster/superhero does make an appearance in the final ten minutes but I was really to bored to care and director Ziehl was still wrapping up boring love triangles instead of focusing on the good stuff.

earth vs the spider b

Indeed if someone ever makes a Dogma 95 superhero movie I expect it to look like this.

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