Feast... Project Redlight

Feast: 9 out of 10: Wow this is the way B-movie horror should be done. The fact it came out of that self important coming of age auteur factory Project Greenlight is even more of a miracle.

feast f

First of all the movie has an undeniable cool factor about it. Henry Rollins as a second rate Tony Robbins, a Jason Mewes joke, and a truly funny self referential anyone can and will die at anytime vibe all in the first ten minutes which sets the table for a cool fun ride.

feast e

The movie involves people inside a bar and monsters outside trying to get in. Nothing more. It turns into a surprisingly action packed film for what is basically a one set Rio Bravo remake. Like Shaun of the Dead (Another better than anyone could of hoped horror comedy) the characters make the difference.

feast c

There is plenty of cannon fodder (Introduced in an almost too long for its own good style of captions rating the various bar patrons survivability), and eye candy, and best of all a surprising amount of x-rated violence. (There isn't a body fluid not featured in the movie. Finally an unrated cut that is truly unrated and not just an "R" with some deleted exposition scenes.)

feast d

The movie wisely never explains what the monsters are or how they got there. It concentrates on the real time survival of the bar patrons. Did I mention that anyone can die at anytime? Even your best horror movie watching radar will be put to the test as you try to figure out who among the rabble are the prerequisite hero and heroine.

feast b

Plenty of fun and action and style cover any of the rough spots. Simply a great B movie.

feast a

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