Masters of Horror: Don Coscarelli: Incident On and Off a Mountain Road... Dark Side of The Moonface

Masters of Horror: Don Coscarelli: Incident On and Off a Mountain Road: 8 out of 10: In many ways fifty minutes is the perfect length for a horror movie. Incident certainly has enough plot for a full length feature, but this is a story broken down to its core elements without any unnecessary filler. (It has a bit of a Twilight Zone feel as a result.)

Masters of Horror is that wonderful Showtime series that has produced some great horror films and some guilty pleasures (in particular Clive Barker's Haeckel's Tale). Incident got this anthology series off to a very strong start.

The film is about a woman that has a car accident on a deserted stretch of rain soaked mountain road. She quickly finds herself perused by a serial killer (dubbed Moonface) who is busy chasing a previous victim. She turns out not to be the damsel in distress that we suspected, as she has had survival training from her boyfriend which the film doles out in flashback. It is also interesting as one can see the progression of her relationship with the boyfriend as it coincides her conflict with Moonface.

Director Don Coscarielli runs a tight ship with plenty of surprises in both plot and scope. The acting by all is above board with a particular nod to John DeSantis as the serial killer Moonface with his chrome teeth, baldhead and big shiny knife. He is such a quality villain that it seems a shame he is in such a small film. Moonface certainly could hold his own with the Jason’s and Leatherface’s of the world. In fact, he has that childlike quality that made Leatherface such an endearing character,. (Not to mention they share the same interior decorator.)

The gore is good, the set design is excellent and the movie is simply never boring. Add on a story with depth and layers and you have a very strong start to an excellent series.

Incident on and Off a Mountain Road Audi John DeSantis Heather Feeney
"Government Health Care has some downsides"

Incident on and Off a Mountain Road Brent Bree Turner John DeSantis
"It's good to see someone who enjoys his work"

Incident on and Off a Mountain Road Communal John DeSantis
"Chrome teeth and a Chrome dome... going for a theme here Moonface?"

Incident on and Off a Mountain Road R8 Bree Turner
"Bree Turner looks awfully cute all scared and wide eyed."

Incident on and Off a Mountain Road Roosting
"Moonbeams through eyes are a rare CGI fail for this film"

Bree Turner and Angus Scrimm have exciting couch surfing complete with disturbing Christian tattoo and cute blue bra as well as lightning strikes.

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