Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway has always been a but of a Teflon princess. Despite coming out of the the Disney factory she always seemed to avoided the Disney label that haunts other young actresses. She moved gracefully into adult roles with nary a peep of controversy. Even her scandalous relationship with Italian swindler Raffaello Follieri gained her sympathy rather than scorn.

Part of the reason is she has always extruded an air of class. Her scandalous behavior was on the yachts of the Riviera rather than the streets of Hollywood. Another reason is she can clearly act playing a straight man against Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada or a supporting role in Brokeback Mountain.

She is best known for her princess roles in Ella Enchanted and The Princess Diaries as well as her performance in Rachel Getting Married which garnered an academy award nomination for best actress.

Anne Hathaway 2003
"Anne Hathaway 2003"

Anne Hathaway Black
"Anne Hathaway 1993 Dutch TT"

Anne Hathaway Blue Top
"Anne Hathaway FEZ"

Anne Hathaway Jill
"Anne Hathaway Jill"

Anne Hathaway Ramsay
"Anne Hathaway Ramsay"

Anne Hathaway gets all Jackie Chang on the dance floor in Ella Enchanted. I suppose the slow motion bit from the clip is not from the movie itself but from some poor sole in desperation for an upskirt shot in a Disney movie... honestly I feel more pity than disgust.

Despite the Elton John music wailing in the background this isn't video of Rush Limbaugh's latest wedding. It's another clip from Ella Enchanted.

You should go check out the exciting clips in the Naughty Bits version of this post. Seriously is this the best scene from Passengers they could find? Really makes me want to rush out and see the film.

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