Maggie Grace

Maggie Grace plays the daughter in Taken and honestly I am one of those who found her this side of irritating. She is best known for her performance on Lost. Another show on my list of things I have been meaning to see. She also starred in the recent British film Malice in Wonderland as well as the grade Z thriller Creature Unknown.

Taken A
"The blood of a virgin will clear that complexion right up"

Taken B
"What is even worse is "Tiny Dancer" was playing in the background"

Taken C
"The Clown Wrapping Paper just adds to the Creepy"

Maggie Grace Castile Lost Bikini
"Castile Lost Bikini"

Maggie Grace Chynna
"Chynna Art"

Taken F
"Apparently France doesn't have Bluetooth yet"

Maggie Grace Peter Lost
"Peter Lost Art"

Maggie Grace Phillips
"Phillips Bird"

Maggie Grace Madison
"Madison Red Bikini"

Maggie Grace SAN Ecuador
"SAN Ecuador"

Here is an Audition tape done by Grace... hey don't knock it she got the job.

Maggie Grace takes a shower with a new friend in The Fog. Which is a good description of the shower scene itself so guys don't get to excited.

This scene is a perfect example of why the remake of The Fog was such a godawful movie.

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