Iben Hjejle

Iben Hjejle is from Denmark. Her biggest movie to date is Mifune, which has not reached the shores of Netflix (even though it is a 2000 release). I am looking forward to watching it. She also has appeared in High Fidelity and Defiance as well as a few Harvey Keitel direct to video flicks.

Iben Hjejle White
"Iben Hjejle White"

Iben Hjejle Illinois Mifune
"Iben Hjejle Illinois Mifune"

Iben Hjejle Chicago Defiance
"Iben Hjejle Chicago Defiance"

Iben Hjejle Barrow Annasdag
"Iben Hjejle Barrow Annasdag"

Iben Hjejle Sox Defiance
"Iben Hjejle Sox Defiance"

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