Helen Hunt

Helen Hunt is to Jodie Foster as Leelee Sobieski is to Helen Hunt.

Helen, of course, is now recognized as a fine academy award-winning actor for As Good as it Gets. She is also known in this household for Rollercoaster, the Trancers series and Castaway.

It is easy to forget how she is also one sexy woman indeed.

Helen Hunt Department
"Helen Hunt Department"

Helen Hunt Iowa
"Helen Hunt Iowa"

Helen Hunt Palestina
"Helen Hunt Palestina"

Slightly NSFW work scene from As Good as it Gets. Best use of a wet T-shirt in an Academy Award winner since The Deep (okay maybe Jacqueline Bisset didn't technically win tghe Academy award for her performance in The Deep I am simply making up for the Academy's oversight.

Helen Hunt leads an aerobic bicycle class. (Why a group of woman on stationary bicycles would need a leader is beyond me.) The she has what looks like sex with her grandfather on a tanning bed. (A tanning bed must rival stairs when it comes to uncomfortable places to have sex. All this is courtesy of the film Empire Falls which I hadn't heard of either. (Possibly because it turns out to be a TV Miniseries)

Then She Found Me is Helen Hunt's directorial debut. So why did she cast herself making love to Matthew Broderick? Perhaps she is going for pathos or even disgust. Or maybe this is a horror film and Matthew Broderick plays an Incubus. yeah that must be the explanation.

Did not anyone on the set of Then She Found Me notice they were doing a scene from As Good as it Gets just with a crazy Bette Midler substituting for a crazy Jack Nicholson? I have heard of homages before but this seems more a straightforward plagiarism

Now it is Colin Firth Playing the Jack Nicholson role... whats next Hunt stepping off an elevator in a wet t-shirt?

Whew... that was a close one.

Bette Midler and Helen Hunt shoot up heroin while on the run from James Brooks' lawyer and an Incubus in the surprisingly plotted Then She Found Me.

According to my Netflix blurb Helen Hunt is the seductress and Scarlett Johansson is the wife in the film A good Woman... yeah I'm not sure how that is supposed to work. Anyway this scene demonstrates the life or death struggle between two woman that wore the same outfit. Honestly I was hoping for an over the top catfight.

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