Miwako Ichikawa

Miwako Ichikawa is the sister of similarly named Mikako Ichikawa whom I though I was doing a profile so needless to say I undoubtly mixed up. She did star in the live action version of the anime Cutie Honey which if half as competent as the live action version Death Note I will be very pleased... soon to follow a profile of her sister which may have some of the same pictures... ugh.

Miwako Ichikawa Haplochromis Percoides
"Miwako Ichikawa Haplochromis Percoides"

Miwako Ichikawa Livonia Playstation Racer
"Miwako Ichikawa Livonia Playstation Racer"

Miwako Ichikawa Mesopotamian Pillow
"Miwako Ichikawa Mesopotamian Pillow"

Miwako Ichikawa Snail Shell Cave
"Miwako Ichikawa Snail Shell Cave"

Miwako Ichikawa Trial Balance Soft Serve
"Miwako Ichikawa Trial Balance Soft Serve"

Miwako Ichikawa Zorilla
"Miwako Ichikawa Zorilla"

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  1. ok, last picture is Ichikawa Miwako. Others are not.


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