Michelle Green

Michelle Greene is one of those names you recognize but can't really place. She was trapped in a disaster film I reviewed recently and one can only hope the pay was decent and the craft table had fresh muffins.

She seems like quite a decent enough person. In fact she seems like a remarkably down to earth person for someone who has been acting since age 17. If you can't place her she is the one who gave Amanda Donahue a lesbian kiss on L.A. Law.... and if you don't know what that last sentence meant... get off my damn lawn.

Michelle Greene Metropolitan

Michelle Greene Serie
"Serie I posed for Playboy and all I got was this Teddy"

Michelle Greene Sherman

Michelle Greene Tulenkantajat
"Tulenkantajat Cat"

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  1. I thought it was her in the new film Hereafter!!!
    I always liked her...she should work more!


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