Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is a superhero. (A modern version of a goddess).

She is a surprise Oscar winner (which many people forget that she won but everyone remembers she tongue kissed her brother)

She is a humanitarian and unlike many celebrities she really follows through on her beliefs.

In addition she is a tabloid favorite for actions that would bury a mere mortal.

Of course Angelina isn't a mere mortal. She is a Goddess,

Sky Captain And The World of Tomorrow Andreas Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie Ashleys

Angelina Jolie clevage
"Cleavage Dagger"

Sky Captain And The World of Tomorrow Embirikos Angelina Jolie
"Embirikos "

Sky Captain And The World of Tomorrow Gunnar Angelina Jolie
"Gunnar "

Angelina Jolie Militia
"Militia morning After"

Angelina Jolie Notodonta

Angelina Jolie Regiment

Angelina Jolie and Anne Archer (as her mom?) watch a porn movie together in Mojave Moon.

Beowulf reveals Angelina Jolie's true form (Her hair is a deadly tail). I have no doubt this is exactly what she is like in her off hours.

Title screen for Gia which is like Showgirls but without the really bad acting and story.

Angelina Jolie scares a young man in Gia. As an aside she really does show both her acting chops and star power in this brief scene. The key to acting is of course to not let them see you pull the strings. The strings are certainly invisible in this scene.

Angelina Jolie apparently gets transported back to the fifties complete with black and white cinematography, leather jackets, and waa waa music like some Mystery Science Theater stripper film.

Angelina Jolie gets Danny Aiello to pay for her turkey sandwich in Mojave Moon. Angelina certainly made an impression in her longer years.

Danny Aiello enforces the Gas, Ass or Grass rule for potential hitchhikers.

Angelina Jolie throws herself at a wise and now reluctant Danny Aiello. Something tells me this woman is trouble.

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