Ikki Tousen... Romance Of The Three Kingdoms with Panty Shots.

Ikki Tousen: 8 out of 10: The term fan service is thrown around a lot when people discuss Anime. Ikki Tousen is the greatest (or worst) example of blatant fan service I have seen outside of a pornographic Hentai.

One could easily watch the first few episodes and could think that blatant and somewhat creepy fan service is all Ikki Tousen offers, but something funny happened; I got drawn into the story.

In an alternate universe High Schools exist for fighting tournaments. The students wear teardrops shaped earrings that contain the essence of warriors from the Three Kingdoms period in China (also known as called the Six Dynasties) that followed the loss of de facto power by the Han Dynasty emperors. Each character in Ikki Tousen is predestined to the fate of their respective warrior.

So a history lesson is mixed in between the shots of leave nothing to the imagination white panties. Does that really excuse a grown man watching topless high school girls beat each other up?... Probably not, no.

The animation is rudimentary and the episodes can be a touch repetitive. There is also that guy blushing sex humor I despise. Nevertheless, as soon as I start to fail to warm to the episodes something dramatic happens to break the pattern (The lesbian rape in Episode 6 Roku is a particular game changer.)

So if you enjoy a good Anime and do not currently appear on any sex offender lists I can highly recommend Ikki Tousen. Give it a few episodes you may be drawn into the history and characterization. Alternatively, you might just be a sick fuck... different strokes and all that.

On a side note all episodes are available for free on IMDB.

Ikki Tousen 2007
"Rare instance of fight damage in television Anime"

Ikki Tousen Colanensis
"Why do these old monks living alone in the woods always have super powers?"

Ikki Tousen Jonathan Spanking
"Mothers spanking "Adult" children always ends up badly... usually in a NEA grant and a one-woman show."

Ikki Tousen Rexall
"I wish they all could be Anime Girls"

Ikki Tousen Telmatobius
"Our main players left to right, Sex Protagonist, Comic Relief, Disturbing Cougar"

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