Kingpin... Well it has a tiger.

Kingpin (2003): 5 out of 10: As seen on NBC and inexplicably spread over three DVDs, The six hour mini-epic Kingpin is now available to all those who blinked and missed it. Visually stunning with great sets and production values Kingpin certainly looks great. The story is another matter.

Kingpin f

Scarface minus The Godfather plus American Family then mix thoroughly with network standards and practices and you really have a mess. This story cries truly for more sex and violence.

Kingpin e

The acting is a mixed bag with Yancey Arias giving a great performance as the head guy. Sheryl Lee chewing scenery as his shrewish Anglo wife and most embarrassingly Brian Benben hopelessly miscast as an indebted mule/plastic surgeon. Yep it is Nip/Tuck meets The Shield without the grittiness of either as well as a lot of unsubtitled Spanish to wade through.

Kingpin d

After you watch the first twenty minutes you will say to yourself hey this is really cool. Do yourself a favor and turn off the TV. It is the only way to preserve the feeling.

KIngpin a

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