Jana Kramer

Jana Kramer is a Detroit native who can be seen currently on 90210 as Portia or so IMDB tells me (Lord knows I haven't watched it) She also did 6 episodes of Friday Night Lights a show that seems to be the Law and Order for cute young actresses.

Film wise she appeared as a cutie in some horrible films such as Prom Night and Blue Demon as well as better genre films such as Laid to Rest.

Jana Kramer 2813
"Jana Kramer Sexy Hat 2813"

Jana Kramer Behind
"Jana Kramer Behind"

Jana Kramer Brandywine
"Jana Kramer Brandywine"

Jana Kramer Magic
"Jana Kramer Magic"

Jana Kramer Soup
"Jana Kramer Swirl Soup"

Jana Kramer Zappalà
"Jana Kramer Zappalà"

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