Inna Korobkina

Inna Korobkina is one of those classic Russian beauties that only appeared after the wall fell. She is most famous (in my eyes at least) as the pregnant lady in the Dawn of the Dead remake. Of course her notoriety of being younger than the actress playing her daughter in Driven to Kill will be making the rounds soon.

Inna Korobkina David
"Inna Korobkina David"

Inna Korobkina Mikuni
"Inna Korobkina Mikuni"

Inna Korobkina Robert Dawn of the Dead
"Inna Korobkina Robert Dawn of the Dead"

Inna Korobkina Steele
"Inna Korobkina Steele minus Remington:

Inna Korobkina Teddy
"Inna Korobkina Red Carpet Teddy"

Inna Korobkina Tuning
"Inna Korobkina Tuning"

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